Tuesday, 3 May 2011

I love you RITIKA..

ritika i am editing this for you..dont know will you like it or not..but this words which i am writing this words are not my words..this words are coming from my heart..trust me i realy love you..when i start my day i first think about you..when the day be ended i again think about you..between this how many times i think about you that is uncountable..amr hat kapche jano..parchina likhte..asole herat theke aksathe anek anek katha berie asche..but seta likhe bojhate parchina..i know ami tmke anek anek hurt kri..i dont want to hurt you..you are my heart..i al so lucky that i have a person like you..i will always keep you safe..untill the day i will die nothing can hurm you..whole world jodi amr agains e darie pore tobu o keu kakhono tmke amr thke alada krte parbena..i will never leave you..i can do everything to keep your smile..i am agrre to spend my blood for your happiness..for me you are oxygen withput which i cani live..SORRY SORRY FOR HURTING YOU SO MUCH..PLEASE PLEASE FORGIVE ME I PROMISE I WILL NEVER HURT MY SONA..THE DAY I WILL DIE THEN CUT NY HEART YOU CAN SEE YOUR NAME STAMPED IN MY HERAT..THE DAY I WILL STOP LOVING YOU IS THE DAY I WILL CLOSE MY EYES FOREVER..ar parchina..realy chokh e jol chole eseche..I LOVE YOU SONA..WILL YOU BE MY LIFE PARTNER ??.. 

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